GRA.BER. Accessori per la siderurgia GRA.BER. Accessori per la siderurgia GRA.BER. Accessori per la siderurgia

For 35 years GRA.BER has been of service to its customers in the supply of accessories for metal workings, operating in various countries around the world.

The markets' constant evolution is more frequently guided by technology and obligates companies to move forward bringing itself up to date with the maximum flexibility and to operate a continuous series of small choices to improve its operating style.

These can be optimal when the company in its dynamic growth, succeeds to maintain the flexibility of service, respecting the long term relationship of collaboration and trust established with its customers.

GRA.BER, fully embracing this philosophy, with this web site, intends to supply to its customers a suitable technical/qualitative evaluation form of all its products, therefore ensuring a more effective and appropriate choice.

Thanks to special processing methods, which allows us to obtain the tubes using auctions, GRA.BER is in a position to satisfy needs 'just on time', in addition to even the most efficient office clerks who respect elevated qualitative standards.

For eventualities of products not available or dimensions outside the series, we are in the position to propose solutions to customers to ensure on time realization of projects.

Our technical office is the more suitable interpreter for the evolution of the contemporary market, and is the ideal speaker available on hand to the customers, in order to develop new technologies.

Please do not hesitate therefore to contact us for whatever demands you may have.

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